Friday, October 2, 2009


It is facing the wrong way...oh boy, see what I tell you about computer skill stuff...
I keep trying to get critiques by going thru Etsy community site to no avail. I am trying to rescructure things & the business and if someone PLEASE go to our VivaMexico and Funky Monkey Girls shop and let me know some helpful tips in non computer guru language I would so appreciate it.

I am feeling a bit frustated as I am sure you all can tell!

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  1. Hi! I got a chance to check out your VivaMexico shop. I couldn't find funkymonkeygirls though. As far as a critique, in the VivaMexico shop, I would say that the pictures need to be clearer. This picture was excellent! I have so much trouble with photos myself that I feel reluctant to say anything about anyone elses!