Monday, October 5, 2009

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WELCOME to this week's Enchanted Adornments Giveaway!
Here is some background info in case you are just tuning in for the first time:
Cynthia Thornton, of Green Girl Studios, has written an amazing book called Enchanted Adornments: Creating Mixed-Media Jewelry with Metal, Clay, Wire, Resin & More, and it will be released on November 1, 2009!I am really excited about the release of this book because Cynthia and her family, are all amazingly talented and this book will totally rock the hizzouse. But not only that, I contributed a piece of jewelry for the Gallery section of the book, and am really super excited for all of you to see it!
The Green Girl Studios team, graciously donated 8 small packages of beads to be randomly given away, in honor of the big book release, to my little blog! How cool is that!This week will be the first of the 8 givaways. This SIXTH package of beads contains 5 pewter components (4 beads and 1 button), all in the FROG theme!This week, I'd really like you to pass the word onalong on your own blogs/twitter/myspace/Facebook...whatever!Leave a comment and tell me where you've posted the giveaway.
In this day and age, MOST everyone is CONNECTED in some way, right?
All you have to do to enter yourself to win, is leave a comment on this post!Keep in mind, you will ONLY BE ENTERED ONCE by leaving a comment,
on this post only.
Please try to only leave one comment, or the counting will be way off! 1 comment per person will be counted. if you forget and leave 2 comments, one of your comments will be disqualified. (as long as I can keep up with that)
I will draw a random winner using the Random Integer Generator,on Monday Oct 12!Please keep in mind, you CAN NOT WIN if you leave an anonymous comment and don't tell me where I can reach you! So leave your emails!
Good luck to everyone!!
Check out the sidebar for the Calendar of Enchanted Adornments giveaways!
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