Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well, it is definate, my niece had the H1N1, she lives in Minnesota. She was sick but not too bad, praise the Lord.

Mom has ordered new computer. I need new glue to put things on different jewelery. Hmm, was having some technical difficulties last night & felt like throwing it on the wall, I didn't. I guess you need stock of glue as well. This is what you learn by experimenting:)

It is a beautiful day in Tucson and I much rather be outside walking for a while. Maybe I will do that after lunch. I am still trying to figure out a different color for my bridemaids. The color I picked looks horrible on her so back to the coloring board so to speak.

My jewelery facebook account is going well. I am trying to pick friends that are crafty because I have my own personal facebook that I do with some games & stuff.

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