Monday, October 5, 2009


It was wonderful and very very needed. I come home on Sunday, fed myself & beaded...ah. My doctor put me an valium. Let's just say, I haven't been too healthy mentally so this will help clear and focus my mind...if I don't fall asleep on my keyboard......whheewwwww:)

I mailed a package out too late, I did put another item in it & apologized for it. I felt SO awful about it but life has been beating me with a sharp stick with thorns on it lately. I am going to get my studio into shape & get pictures etc on the walls. That will be my goal this week and I will move my sheelves in there to also assist.

My jewelery is no longer a hobby for me but I am going to take it seriously and use my BS, in organzational business adminstration & get it to work on this side of my life as well. I opened up our facebook account for Etsy:) So far so good and then I am trying to develop lines & make some of the same items, or close to each other so I can start doing that as well.

God is so awesome & so mighty and he will definately help me out. The family is being super supportive & Tom is AWESOME!

We went to Mandara Canyon, sorry I know I am spelling it wrong & it was wonderful to get up in the mountains, see green and just breath in that air. Sadie was smelling everything & Tom & I just relaxed...:) ahhhhhhh

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