Monday, October 5, 2009

computer issues, paypal issues

Okay, way too many technical issues going on. For some strange reason, I ordered some things on Etsy but all of a sudden, all these items showed up stating that I bought them thru our paypal....nope, I didn't do that, so I had to contact these vendors feeling like an idiot & a bad customer cause something strange happened in our paypal account.

Mom figured out that but right now, mortgage is calling my happy name to pay it so fun stuff can't be bought at this moment. Then her computer totally crashed/burned and died, that is a bad thing for a professor who teaches on line.....

Life not good for Hardy family, my niece may have the H1N1, who lives in MN, my brother's family had AA lock up their luggage, I am not sure what happened with that yet and my other brother is sicker than a dog. I guess it is our turn to get the yuck that is going around!

I did have one review on our Etsy shops, thank you and I know our pictures aren't the greatest, I am slowly going thru them & getting them rephotographed with Tom's camera.

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