Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pain clinic & RAIN!

Okay I went to my group pain clinic appointment today. Filled out more paperwork and then she discussed pain clinic etc. I have an appointment to meet with the nurse/pharmacist to discuss my individual pain issues 10/13. I also asked if I could get my pain care from someone other that my main provider. I love my doctor BUT I also work with my doctor so it is hard for me to be aggressive in my pain care when I have to have a professional relationship with him as well.


Tom, the love of my life, bought me a pre paid cell phone so my next cell phone bill won't be $400.00. He rocks my world and I love him dearly.

WE GOT THE CHAPEL AT THE GALLERY OF THE SUN! We are planning a very intimate wedding, around 20 people and then a bigger reception. I don't want anything huge but I still want the wedding and my dad bringing me down the aisle. :) First time getting married and I will be 45 then. I am finally ready....:)

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