Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day after Labor Day

Monkey dad(he turned 70 today)
Monkey mom...

Well, the brother's family made it safely here and got home safely too. They blew out a tire driving down the freeway so it was a little scary! The car is damaged, need a new bumper but the people nor the doggie were!

It was so nice to have them over. They loved my house & more important, they love Tom:) I got thumbs up!!! Hooray!

Now, Tom was suppose to go and pick out my engagement ring by himself but that changed I got to go with him....oh it is so beautiful and since it is custom, it needs to be made then he will get it in Feb/March. Hopefully I will get it before I go to MarsCon in MN in March:) LOLOLOL........I spent part of a day with him yesterday.

Very busy couple of weeks with relatives visiting, tomorrow monkey mom shows up and he will meet her also:) Dad still doesn't really know about the engagement etc, we are trying to break him in slowly cause I am the only girl and he is being a daddy and acting like I am still 12 yrs old:) That is okay....:)

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  1. We are always daddy's little girl no matter how old we are. He will come around.