Monday, September 14, 2009

Back from vacation

Mom & I had such fun. Shopping for beads and yes, I have found my wedding dress!! It is beautiful! Mom bought it for me:) Now, Tom has mom, brother, sister-in-law & nephew approval. My other brother lives in Minnesota and may not be done here & then it is the dad. Yes, my dad who still thinks I am 5 and I don't need a man, they are trouble & you will get hurt:) We will break that news to him in November after he meets Tom.

Beading news: We used my ICE resin for the first time. THAT STUFF STINKS! OH MY LORD IT WAS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our finished projects look great, will take pictures but sheesh, nasty nasty smell. I should have done it outside but I don't want dirt in my resin & I do live in Arizona. I had every fan, windows open to get rid of that smell, yuck. It is so easy to work with but the odor, oh boy.

I said congrats to Greg from Green Girls Studios about their upcoming little boy:) Such a talented family & of course, bought more Green Girl stuff. Mom actually made some jewelery that is pretty steam punk looking! I almost fell out of my chair:) Go monkey mom go!!

The meeting went great with mom & Tom & Sadie:) Sadie was all loving on mom, ignored me except when I had food, then I got her attention again, goofy dog:)