Monday, September 28, 2009


It is Monday & I am facing it with joy. I got down in the dumps last couple of weeks and decieded that no-one was making me grumpy or down, I was doing it to new change of attitude was definately needed.

I did get a bunch more jewelery photo and added to our shoppes. Now, I am giving serious thought to opening yet another shop in Artfire. I am hoping that our product will move better than then it has on Etsy lately.

ANOTHER awesome thing, I got a beautiful antique looking emerald engagement ring from Tom!! The pictures are on the computer at home so I will put them on here later. I LOVE IT!!

I have picked up a great book about getting your jewelery business started etc. I am devouring it and intend to put much of what she wrote into practice. I have beautiful and unique pieces that I am not selling, so I am trying to figure out the issues. I am working on photography and do realize that is a major one.....Must learn from Margot Potter to be a selfless self promoter! :)

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