Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday thursday...

I think I am thinking that song that starts Monday, Monday....Almost the end of a very LONG work week. I love going on vacation but find it is so HARD to come back to work. But at least we have a 3 days off. I totally love obsurce federal holidays.

I received some jewelery from my friend Margaret's shop in San Antonio. I have taken apart a couple of pieces and then made a new piece from that. Two pieces I fixed and will hopefully get on Etsy soon.

The problem that we are having is that mom is totally busy teaching on-line, 6 classes at this time period (poor thing) and I don't have a computer that I can play with the pictures to make them look good. If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to hear them.

What this means is that any new pictures for Etsy won't be up for a while. I can not afford to purchase my own computer at this time since I have to get my car worked on.....praying to God right now to help us out!

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