Thursday, February 5, 2009


I know how to cross stitch & make wreaths & flower arrangements, you wonder what this has any match to making jewelery but keep reading. *brain thinking outloud preceding now...I want to make different type of jewelery than other people BUT I am a chicken butt when it comes to trying new things out. That surprises the heck out of me because I taught myself how to make jewelery, taught myself how to cross stitch & taught myself how to arrange flowers SO why am I feeling this way??? My brain stating bad things like you are too stupid to do this OR you are too poor and can't afford it. GUESS what brain, YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG!!!! I am going to do it!! I can actually retire from the government now BUT I am still too young to get a decent retirement check so I won't be looking at that for a few years. I am going to plan my days better so when I go home, I do at least a couple of crafty items to get our product out to people & fix my creative cravings. God has given me this talent & I want to develop it in all sorts of various ways. I have some resin stuff at home so I am going to make a resin pendant tonight. I have only had for 4 months & I am doing it, darn it. I am also going to invite some ladies over to my apartment to teach them how to make earings. That way, I can determine if I enjoy teaching. Friday, I am going to the True Blue show & get some tips on making stuff out of Polymer Clay. I am also going to move my beading tables from my dining room into the bead room which has been organized, THANKS DADDY and get that ready to go....end of brain ranting*

I will take pictures of some jewelery that I have at home since I do not have to edit them when I post them here overmuch.
This is the Funky Monkey booth at the Museo Alameda about 1 1/2 ago....

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