Friday, February 13, 2009


I just posted to comment in Etsy stating why won't you purchase hand made jewelery? I will definately & if money allows me to purchase jewelery items that I don't make or that I think I can make into something really cool, i.e. beads, pendants etc. I do not like to follow trends. I also don't make the same thing twice. I want every piece of jewelery to be unique and one of a kind. I could think about making similiar pieces but it won't be the same.

Many of the beads etc is something that we picked up from a place where we may never get to again or it was just one of a kind to start out with. Mom monkey loves to use big pendants full of stones. I don't mind using those occasionally but I feel that I don't want to make 5,000 pieces full of those items.

I need to get re-tooling some bracelets. I do make them but even with the bracelet sizing tool I own, I make them WAY too big or WAY too small. Plus, I have tons of earings that I need to get on Etsy as well to get those moving.


  1. Correction: Mom Monkey likes bright and colorful pieces and if it takes 'big stones' to make it happen I will use them!

    Man I didn't teach daughter Monkey the right way. Okay she taught me how to bead but isn't it nice we are not the same! Boring!!!