Thursday, December 3, 2009

Parents have left

Picture by Jolene; baby bobcats 2008 in my yard.
They left early this morning. I will miss them but now my house is mine again!!!!! Mom & I made some more jewelery that I am going to take to the new shop & hopefully he will love some pieces to put into the gallery, keeping the fingers crossed.

I have to go to Target and pick up some stuff so I doubt if I will have time to take pictures. I may do it at Tom's house and just bring my stuff with me.

I was totally wishing today was Friday, bummer it is not. For those who comment in this blog, I can not comment to a bunch of people from day job. My computer is wanky here......

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  1. gosh!! you have bobcats in your yard??? how cool is that?! your nesting dolls are real cute :))