Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well, I need to run home and make more jewelery tonight for Henry's store. I guess I sold something in the gallery before it even opened, at least I hope it was piece of jewelry, sometimes people do get confused LOLOLOL. He wants our jewelery in his store so on Saturday, I am going over to talk about comission, pricing etc. I am really looking forward to that:)

I think the grinch has struck at work, not here but elsewhere. I am trying to be merry and bright but all I want to do is stay home in bed! If you haven't guess, home is my safe zone. I am going over to Tom's this weekend, because we need to leave ms sadie at his house so she doesn't claw/chew up my front room door. We need her on puppy prozac as soon as we can afford it, poor thing.

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