Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tis the season...

I got back into the Christmas mood last night. I was on the very SLLLOOOWWW laptop at home & hear Christmas carols. I get up, look outside the front door and then my back door and someone behind me, had a loudspeaker going & I heard Christmas carols from! That and the cool mist that covered everything just put me in the Christmas spirit, praying helped too!

My goals for 2010:

1. Purchase a really good camera for pictures.
2. Get on Facebook with friends at least 3x per week for a limited amount of time (1hr max)
3. Get on Business Facebook 4x per week espically when I make new items and take pictures of them. (1hr max)
4. Dedicate 1hr per day to take pictures of jewelery(right after day job is done)
5. Dedicate 2hrs every other day to make jewelery if the creative juice is flowing, cause if it isn't flowing I can't create worth a crap:)
6. Taking vitamins/calcium pill every day...

So basically I work at home, die/eat and go to bed....of course, adjustments will be paid aka if I am at Tom's house but hopefully this is doable.

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