Friday, July 30, 2010

naughty me.....

I have been as good about posting on here as I was in the past. Day job is kicking my butt and I am in a program that will help me to move up in my day job. That is full of projects and I am tired.........I go into work at least one hr early every other day and with fibro, that is KILLING ME!

TIRED............very very tired. The storms here in Tucson are always making my pain 5,000 times worse than normal as well. Last night was the first night in about 4 days that I actually got to sleep in all night. Of course, goof ball Peaches woke me up but lately she is letting me sleep in until 0515, that is a good thing for her mom.

I have created a grand total of 2 I put one Etsy shop on vacation until I get a better idea of several things:

1. Business plan or at least an outline of what exactly I am going with this..
2. I feel that I need a style or design concept that is uniquely my own.
3. These are the things in jewelery that I like to play with:
a. polymer clay-which I can play with now
b. PMC, which I won't play with until I get a klin
c. Wire work, which I can play with now.
I wanna to do everything and know how to do everything but I am finding that I am getting really chaotic in not being able to create anything because I want to make everything. If that makes sense to you than you understand. I must focus like I do at my day job.

Because of the day job is literally sucking my life away, I am seriously thinking on what I can do to encourage my creativity but take it easy on the etsy site until I can figure some stuff out.

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