Monday, July 19, 2010

Bad me....

I know......goofy shot!
Jolene by Jolene Hardy

Peaches with over large chewy bone...Picture by Jolene Hardy

Here are some current pics with my new hair color. I have to get it cut again & the eyebrows is never ending!!! I haven't been keeping this up at all! sorry.......I actually got into the studio this weekend! I made a rather cute ring & may sell it or I may keep it, oh crap, I could have worn it today because it would totally go with what I have on! dur.....

I cleaned and cleaned & slept this weekend. Peaches usually gets me up around 0500 every day so on weekends, I try to get a bunch of naps in. Luckily, she actually let me nap for a while yesterday. I also watched Harry Potter this weekend & watched the kids grow up. Personally, the Weasley twins are quite cute! I know I am a naughty old woman!

I have lost 45 pds! Now, my next goal is 20 pds. I have signed up for my master's degree and should start school soon. I am very excited about it. Still single but that is okay. not sure if I want to date for a gets old having your heart broken!


  1. Hi everyone!

    No, Jolene has not disappeared but has been having some problems with her stomach. This is the Funky Monkey Mom, jumping in and bringing this up to date.

    I am staying with her in Tucson until they figure out how to 'correct, fix or repair' the issue.

    We have been beading a little, went to the fall Tucson bead show and was a little disapponted. One of our favorites was not there this year.

    Ms Peaches is doing well and is quite happy to have someone home with her all day, and felt sad with the Monkey Dad left to head back to Florida.

    We have been practicing with metal to see how much strength it takes to make a great stamped piece. Needless to say, I order a two pound hammer from our friends at Beaducation!

    We will be playing at soldering and riveting. We have the equipment now it is to find the time when she feels well and my grading is caught up with.

    Stay in touch and greet Jolene!

    Funky Monkey Mom
    AKA Donna

  2. Hello Everyone,

    Jolene aka Funky Monkey had her surgery and is doing well. The creative juices will not creep back in and fill her pores!

    We had a great time at a local craft show and met some great artists who are often on the blog. It was great and we have a lunch to plan.

    Welcome her back! She has also started her masters degree in leadership so is busy with homework.

    The Monkey Mom
    aka donna