Friday, July 9, 2010

Life stuff

My friend Laura from (the sci-fi convention that I helped start) Picture taken by Jolene Hardy
Well, I have a window unit AC because my central air unit died and you can imagine trying to live without AC in 105 degrees in Tucson is INSANE! So, I am saving up pennies until I can purchase a new central air unit.

Because of the window unit, only a few rooms are cooled. One of them that is not, is my studio and actually my creative fairy bolted out before my AC died, so no creative juices have been flowing for this monkey girl.

Life is good. I am applying for a master's program which will help at day job. Peaches, the goofy doggie is doing well, she is on a "diet" so to speak because her mommy got her a bit too cuddley!

Folks are back in Florida and so far no tar or oil on their beaches. Sad situation...:(

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