Monday, May 24, 2010

This weekend

Well, I got some stuff actually:) I got some pretty things for my studio on the quest to make it a great place & funky place to get inspiration:) I bought a sewing machine, I wanted one for a while so now I can really venture out to mix media creations, I am so EXCITED!!!!

I also got plants/flowers & catus for the yard. IT was so windy on Sunday that we only got a few items planted in planters and put out.

Tonight, I am determined to get more creations & pictures & updating Etsy. Mom will have to bring Ms Diva Peaches out. We have started howling is pretty darned funny. She is starting to play play more & it is so cool to see her sweet & GOOFY personality coming out:)

almost done with work. I am so glad my tests are at the end of this week. I just took a nitro earlier. That stuff gives you a kick arse headache but after you take it, my heart feels much better. The Lord is with me, praise Jesus!

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