Friday, May 21, 2010

health, wealth & inspiration

Picture from MarsCon 2009...I had to throw a George L in here...
Well, I had my cardiac stress test on Monday....not fun. With women, those can come up with a false postive, which means, it did look like I could have a heart attack or somewhat blocked vessels or it is from my weight. Well, I have lost 38 pds but never had the current weight put into my chart until today.

Because of the false postive, I am scheduled for a cardiac cath on 5/28. Please pray that this procedure goes well & figures out what my next step will be. I am on heart medication so that should begin helping as well.

Wealth....will come thru God along with the inspiration. I am being so calm about everything and usually I am worrying my red head about it. The Lord is so working miracles in my life that it is so wonderful!

Creating, we are aiming for tonight & Ms Peaches will be with us so we will know if she has to pee. She doesn't indicate that very well, just really intense stares, which she does for everything! I need to get her one of those dog translators like they had in "Up", great movie, go see it.

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