Wednesday, July 1, 2009

funky and not in a good way either

I haven't been feeling too hot these past couple of days. I have fibromyglia and arthitis so everytime the weather changes, my pain rating shoot up and I am miserable. Since the monsoons are finally hitting now, this monkey girl is miserable.

Everyone have a safe and blessed 4th of July weekend and always remember those who fought for our freedom!


  1. So sorry you are feeling under the weather; my stepmother struggles with both also and I know how bad she can feel sometime....get better soon.

  2. Jolene - I'm sorry to hear you have fibro - I know it seems contrary when it's so hot - but a hot tub or hot baths are life savers with this condition - at least for me they have been! that and some strong pain meds! I know it sucks, and I hope you get to a better place with this soon!