Monday, July 6, 2009

Behold the monkey created...

Yes, it is back!!!! I was one creative person these 3 days off. I feel so much better. I re watched Factory Girl and made a necklace with Edie Segwick in mind. I have it on today. It is black and white and hopefully retro. I also made a couple of rings, which is pretty unusal for me to do and they both turned out quite nicely if I do say so myself:)

I made a couple of necklaces with the beads that I won from Lorelei back when. One of them is full of skulls with one of those glass art beads and skulls from Gaeawhom I love and I can't spell either name correctly right now but I promise (all fixed:)) I believe that one will go to the museum gift shop in San Antonio. Oh I have my jewelery or I should state mom and I's jewelery in a museum gift shop in San Antonio. It is fun to state that but of course, sales are a bit down:(

Friday I will pick up a thingee that my mom had so I can download/edit and get new product out in our Etsy stores...I am thinking about a huge sale also just to move stock out:) I will let everyone know here and on my Facebook. I am on Facebook, not the business but thinking about getting that addressed soon.

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