Monday, April 6, 2009


whew, it was a busy driving weekend! We drove to Tubac to pick up some more tiles and knobs and hopefully some clay birds. We got the knobs and the birds but didn't find any small mexican tiles that I wanted. So drive back to Tucson to 4th street and behold, the small tiles. We have a project to do:)

Then on Sunday, off to Apache Junction to see my great auntie. The radiation is kicking her butt! She was really tired! I haven't seen them in a very long time so that was nice. Mom really enjoyed her visit with her aunt. Inez and mom aren't that far apart in age. I guess when mom & dad went to Minnesota when I was a little kid, I stayed with Inez and Floyd. I had "coffee" and played mousetrap with my great grandpa and grandma. I remember that pretty vividly:) What is so funny, is that I would tell a story about my dad going out dancing with some lady with sparkly red shoes. I guess Inez and great grandma would get such a kick out of that. That is one thing that hasn't changed, my imagination.

Speaking of imagination, mom & I are so full of ideas and various projects that we are bursting out our seams. We have to purchase more supplies but soon we will get busy on them. Mom also just LOVED Margot Potter's book, "Beyond Beading!" She has got tons of ideas from her book as well!! Just remember something that I have to do.....let me go do it before it gets buried in this overprocessed brain of mine:)

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