Thursday, April 2, 2009

Followers and contest

Well we didn't win on the Jangles contest but you know, that is okay! Publicity is a great thing:) Plus we have another follower!

Okay, if you follow our blog can you drop me a comment since I still can't get that goofy follower widget to work? I would love to see who is reading our blog:) I promise we don't bite like other monkeys you may know LOL

I have gained 2 pds back from the 12 that I lost. Not a good thing so I am going to walk around the clinic very slowly a couple of times today. My hip is still bugging me from the fall but I am rather use to that pain.

Monkey momma will be here TODAY!!! We are both really excited. I worked on a piece last night & set up another piece to do tonight. The creative spirit hit me at 8:30pm last night. So I was up past my bedtime. I am thinking about adding more chain to my brass dragonfly creation.

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