Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Funky Monkey Glass

I got my glass from Kiwi arts, it is uber cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will take a picture of its cuteness in my mess of my crafting tables:)

The museum called from San Antonio asking for more product and sending a check so that is uber wonderful news!!


  1. Yea!! I am so excited you got it and you like it! :-) I can't wait to see a picture of it on your side of the world. :-) Great news about the museum!! Cool beans!

  2. Thank you sweetie!! It is so cute! I am still not in a studio cause right now, that is where mom will be staying at so all the beading "stuff" is still in my dining room:) Oh well, momma being comfortable is more important than my beading mess in dining room.

    Soon everyone will see it but will be so taken with my Kiwi Art glass they won't see the beads that keep escaping and have parties on my floors:)

    Thanks about the museum! It has been awhile since we have sold something in their gift shop so we are pretty excited about it:)

    Thank you once again!!!