Tuesday, June 29, 2010

AC problems

My AC in my house died last Tuesday. I had to get a window unit cause central air is super expensive and Tucson Arizona in June/July...HOT is a mild word to describe it.

But at least it keeps most of my house cooler, I had to shut up a couple of rooms including my studio so when I get the creative fairy back into my house, I will have to give her loads of water with ice cubes!

Monday, June 21, 2010

This weekend

Peaches's t-shirt that explains everything.
Peaches at Jeff's house

Well mom & dad left this weekend. I do miss them but happy that I have my really quiet house back to myself. Peaches did walk around the house looking for them most of Saturday but it has seemed to quiet down a bit late yesterday.

Now, if she can get the understanding, NOT to wake up mommie at o darkthirty in the morning for NOTHING...life will be much better!

I put new jewelery into Copper Country and I also need to get the sign in our area stating that everything is handcrafted. Most of the jewelery in there is store brought so I have to show that we make everything and it is pretty and yes, you wants it. (stuffing gollum back inside the hole) it was a quiet weekend which I know that I needed.

Hopefully tonight, my creative fairy will come swinging on down so she & I can bond, it has been awhile for that:)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hardy clan me on the right, mom, Jeff, dad & Jim
Jeff and his wife D'Nita

*yawns* My dog got me up @0230 to go potty. I love my dog but not so much so early in the morning.

Jeff's retirement from the AF was good. It was nice seeing his family & our family together. He has a very nice home.

Jewelery making....well, right now, mom & I will be making some for us and some for the websites. I still need to get my stupid computer fixed! Dad should be here today, do some more projects and than both of them go home. I am not quite sure how Peaches will react when mom is gone so that will be interesting.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tucson heat

My temp thing on my computer is reading 106 degrees! holy hanna! Well, all the major test are coming back negative aka on my health so that is a good thing.

My little bro is retiring from the Air Force on Friday so mom, Peaches and I are taking a trip up to New Mexico for that. Should be fun, it is only a 8hr drive.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well, my cardiac cath went fine, hurt like a bear but I have no plugged veins/arterties or anything like that around my heart, good news. Bad news, still trying to figure out what is going on with me but we are working on it:)

Good news, finally got more pics taken & now the Vivamexico and Funky Monkey Girls Etsy sites are both updated, hooray!

Worked on getting my studio cutier and did some jewelery but my wrist hurt too bad to do a lot. Got some plants potted in my front yard, painted furniture, hung up new lamps....that was mainly thanks to mom & dad.

My diva Peaches is very happy to have mommy feeling better and so is mommy:) We need to purchase more clasps...isn't it amazing that you swear you have a bunch of them and boom, you are totally out.