Monday, June 21, 2010

This weekend

Peaches's t-shirt that explains everything.
Peaches at Jeff's house

Well mom & dad left this weekend. I do miss them but happy that I have my really quiet house back to myself. Peaches did walk around the house looking for them most of Saturday but it has seemed to quiet down a bit late yesterday.

Now, if she can get the understanding, NOT to wake up mommie at o darkthirty in the morning for will be much better!

I put new jewelery into Copper Country and I also need to get the sign in our area stating that everything is handcrafted. Most of the jewelery in there is store brought so I have to show that we make everything and it is pretty and yes, you wants it. (stuffing gollum back inside the hole) it was a quiet weekend which I know that I needed.

Hopefully tonight, my creative fairy will come swinging on down so she & I can bond, it has been awhile for that:)

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