Thursday, April 8, 2010


Picture by Jolene Hardy, inside of a mission's chapel in San Antonio Texas....beautiful in it's simplicity!
Well, I finally got one of my heart tests scheduled, so that is good. My computer at home has loads of evil nasty things in it so I have to find someone who can fix it for me for fairly inexpensively.

The new work camera aka for jewelery pictures is the BOMB!!!!! Oh , the photos are awesome. I can not do any type of photo type things in my day job computer so I take the pictures then send them to the Monkey Mom to get them posted in Etsy...what a pain!

Monkey Mom sent in some jewelery pictures in a beading magazine so I hope we get selected! Great for her.

My creative fairy is still in mourning so hopefully I will be able to create more soon. Today is the first day that physically and mentally I am feeling more like myself again, praise the Lord!

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