Friday, March 26, 2010

I am okay

Thanks AJ for the e-mail, I really appreciated it! I have fallen off the world and recently climbed my way back up LOLOLOL......

I have been totally unproductive with creating/picture taking etc. I have been sick with the world's nasty sinus infection for over 2 wks now. I have done everything possible to get rid of it, at least my teeth no longer hurt much but the swelling in my mouth is finally going down!! Hooray!!!!

Because of the disgusting weather in Tucson, way too much rain/cold days etc, I am HURTING really really bad. Everyone's allergies are bad, bleck.

Day job, horrible stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vacation in MN was fantasic and hopefully can post some pictures on here soon!

Miss you all and promise I will get over this soon. Please send creative fairy to my house soon!!!!

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