Monday, February 1, 2010


Molly's butt (our newest addition) with Sadie hoping that Tom will feed them:)
You won't believe this....we figured out that Tom's camera has macros on it...oh gheesh. I only have been reading about taking better pictures etc, and all the articles are stating about a marco setting. Well, sheesh, mom & I feel like stupid dorks. But now we found it and still feel like dorks!!!!!!! Oh gheesh!!!

Well will start being awesome very soon!!!!


  1. the macro setting makes a big difference! don't feel like a dork, we all have had that duh moment with our camera!

  2. Hey thanks!!! It makes a huge difference and it makes it so easy to take those super nice photos:) We are having fun at the Tucson gem show...have to go back to day job tomorrow, bleck.