Tuesday, December 30, 2008


**This is a PMC piece that I made a while ago. It does have a patina on it but I will work to see if I get the patina to do different colors as well.**
Well, I made a PMC toggle this weekend. It isn't bad but I don't like the straight part. I should have used the same pattern that I used for the round part. I don't believe the Garnet was affected at all but I know that every article that I read it recommends to use CZ or lab created gemstones because they have no inclusions in them that will crack at the high tempature. I use a hot pot for now so I am wondering if that is why it didn't crack. Not as high of heat in a kiln?

I re found my map to the store here in Tucson that sells PMC stuff. There is a class being offered to teach on bronze PMC but not sure if I have enough money to hit that class. I will go out adventuring this weekend.

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